Vanilla lattès


Jake treated me to some much needed face time over a seriously craved Vanilla Lattè tonight.
Yes we’re married with no kids but honestly often the time we spend together isn’t face to face. Face to screen or phone or book is more the norm lately. So tonight spending our time playing a short game, discussing our personal goal progress, and sharing excitement over collections was refreshing.

On a side note the lattè was phenomenal. We had one a month or so ago at the local coffee shop, they boasted making the syrup from scratch how could we say no? Last Saturday I was really desperate for one and we were at Target (ours has a national coffeehouse chain inside) so I treated us to a few. Sadly, I was more than disappointed.

HEEEEED MY ADVICE: do not, I repeat , do NOT order this at a national chain that will have you seeing stars as it steals your bucks. Buy local with this one.

If you come to visit us here in the Queen City we’ll treat you to a cup of the good stuff.


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