Not A Complaint


I’ve spent 75% of yesterday and 90% of today watching video after video about the iPad.

I don’t own an iPad. I don’t really care to (I can imagine my brother cringing).

The bossman has questions about syncing his. Now my office has one that will mainly be used for business trips -presentations, calendar, contacts, new client forms…etc–and I get to manage it.

I am a PC user (another cringe). I will most likely ALWAYS be a PC user (near heart attack). WHY can’t PC just make one that is as popular as the iPad so it’s not a status thing for our office to have one (or two)?! One that interfaces with Powerpoint, Outlook, Notes, and whatever else he wants.

I’m no moron, this thing is so user-friendly it’s insane. I’m sure Izzy could figure this out (slight exaggeration to make up for near heart attack). But I’d like to *zap* have it do what I want, how I want.

I’m lucky. I’ve spent 2 days being paid to learn–and answer the occasional phone call.

Hit up lynda. She’s smart.

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