Review: Magnetic Polish

Let me begin by making a few things very clear:

*I’m not a manicurist and I’ve never been to beauty school.
*I’m nota beauty forward person. If a trusted blogger posts something as awesome, I usually try it. If a sales woman doesn’t seem too grubby for my cash and tells me an item is amazing I’ll buy and try usually without thought. I’m ammmazingly influenced by other people.
*I don’t work for Sephora or Nails Inc. (see above)

NOW on to the good stuff…My thoughts.

For Christmas Jake picked me up a bundle of awesomeness at Sephora. From things I’ve pointed out to stuff the sales associate told him was new and trendy (they’re so genuinely helpful and nice at our store). Included in the bundle was Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Trafalgar Square (Black).

Directions are simple enough, Base coat, light coat of polish, then second coat one nail at a time, hover magnet 10-15 secs and finish with top coat. The effect is pretty cool–some may even say mesmerizing.

Then I had to go and complicate it. I wanted to know if it’d make my red a little more va-va-voom. All was going well. Base coat, two coats red polish (Essie Bordeaux), light coat of magnetic…

This is where the trouble began. I did a light coat on 3 nails and Jake looks over “I think you’re supposed to wait and do them one at a time.” I flip through the miniature direction ‘booklet’ on the lid “Nope…Polish. Light coat. THEN heavy coat and individually magnetize.” I should’ve listened to him.

Because this is what I ended up with:


Bloody Cuticle Syndrome. I didn’t paint my cuticles but it sure looks like they’re all scabby–eww.

Things I’ll do differently:

  1. Sit at the table, not on the couch: It would’ve been much easier at the table where I could sit both the magnet lid and polish down. Swapping from brush to magnet in a flash. The table would have also allowed me to…
  2. Pay attention: I was hitting my nails with the magnet.
  3. Wait until Izzy’s asleep: she was jumping, bumping, sniffing, and being a pain puppy.

2 thoughts on “Review: Magnetic Polish

  1. princesagr says:

    Oh, that looks bad.I hope your cuticles get better asap.
    In my blog , my exact previous post was about magnetic nails, but from a different brand. We don’t have ”Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish ” in Greece, so I used a Greek brand’s magnetic polish. The result was really good, even thoug I did it in hurry.

  2. Julie says:

    Oh, thank you so much for learning this lesson so I don’t have to learn the hard way. I will sit at the table and go patiently if I ever magnetize my nails. 🙂

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