Guidelines for Better Living

There’s something horrible about the word Resolution in my opinion. So committed and firm. It’s truly no wonder to me why I rarely encounter a person who has carried theirs out. Which is why I call mine “Guidelines for Better Living”. It’s all in the phrasing.

GUIDELINES: much less resolute or finite, gentler if you will.
FOR: the articulation of purpose; these guidelines are intended to be used.
BETTER LIVING: Shifting the focus off the ‘rule’ or commitment and on to the desired result.

In my brain it sounds less intimidating. This becomes easy to carry out because it takes me somewhere, while allowing me to make the decisions as they come. The first year I implemented the phrase change I carried out every one of my guidelines. Paying off credit card debt once and for all and significantly paying down a student loan. Every month the bills came in as did my paycheck. I chose each week whether to set aside and extra 10, 15, or 20 or spend it on other stuff. I had the power and control. It wasn’t begrudgingly done because I knew where that decision would take me…toward better living.

Here’s what my Guidelines for Better Living in 2012 look like:

Read 12 books –I’m a terribly slow reader. I blame being an English Major for a few years. Looking for hidden meanings, subtext, and other garbage in a single comma. In 2012 just give me airport novels and meaningless plot! (I can imagine my professors and classmates gasping in horror.)

Stop ComplainingAH hahaha. nope. Scratched that day 1 hour 1. I will work on being less negative tho.

Daily Meditationon scripture, God, and the good things in my life.

{Learn Photography –Something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ll take classes online and from Jake} UPDATED

Notice how each of these are measurable? I can count 12 books. I could tally every negative comment made throughout each day and work to whittle away the count day after day. Measuring a daily task is easy peasy: I have devotional sent to my email and read it with coffee every morning. Calculable.

Each one moving me toward a better life.

Did you make any resolutions (or ‘Guidelines for better Living’)? What were they and how are they coming along?


3 thoughts on “Guidelines for Better Living

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  2. […] I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It made book 5 of 12 for this year’s Guidelines for Better Living. I was astonished. As a person who believes in God, his divine and loving nature this book floored […]

  3. MOM says:

    Awww I love you so much!
    Thanks for the perspective

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