LKF: Izzy

Little Known Facts about Izzy our puggle.

Loves apple slices but dislikes applesauce.

Would rather eat  off the floor than out of  her dish (dry food that is).

First injury was a pulled muscle in her back right leg.

Refuses all types of popcorn.

Quivers her left front paw as a manipulative effort while begging.

Wakes up at 4 & 7:50 every morning to potty.

Whines when the temperature drops below 69 when she’s trying to sleep.

Eats Ez-Cheese right out of the can.

Casually watches helicopters flying overhead while going poo. The hospital is across the highway in our ‘backyard’.

Will do ANYthing for wet food; turkey, tuna, cheese, hotdogs (see below-that is her food bowl).


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One thought on “LKF: Izzy

  1. Julie says:

    I love my grandpuppy 🙂

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