LKF: Jessica

Here are some Little Known Facts about Jessica.

Insists the house be ‘company clean’ before leaving for a trip. Even just an overnight stay.

Is irrationally proud when a single piece of dirty laundry can not be found in the entire house.

Doesn’t sleep well if the bed isn’t made.

Listening to Maroon 5 spurs apron donning and fits of baking.

Loves Diet Sierra Mist Splash of Cranberry.

Drinks directly from the milk carton, juice jug, or any other drink container and replaces without a trace. In my defense it’s because I don’t want to dirty a cup or pour a whole glass.

Hates white chocolate.

Prefers the towels to match in the bathroom–all the time.

Will grab a colorful pair of socks over a plain white pair every time.

Would rather spend time in a lodge mid blizzard than on a hot sunny beach.

(In a cable knit sweater with hot cocoa in front of a fireplace…what’s not to love?!)

We’re going to share some from Jake and Izzy later this week.

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