Our first Christmas together, dating, we exchanged gifts. I gave Jake a Gas Mask from WWII he’d mentioned off the cuff in conversations months and months before normal people think of Christmas. Jake gave me first edition/first printings of several of my favorite author’s books including a SIGNED copy. Oh we were on top of things.

Last year was our first Christmas married. Jake picked up a video camera I’d dropped sooooo many not so subtle hints about wanting and I was genuinely surprised. I gifted him a pair of headphones that were pretty top notch and very cool looking.  Again we aced this giving thing.

Jake Headphones

This year…I had no idea what to give the man. He’d wanted gaming headphones that the major leagues use (yes there’s a major league for gamers…I was surprised too). The only thing was they were out of the budget. Onto plan 2. Plan 2 failed. Plan 3. Epic FAIL–apparently a NOOK isn’t as cool if you have a super smartphone. Plan 4. FAIL. Finally, after a serious crying fest in a very public place he unleashed the ‘I want that‘ beast that was hidden deep, deeeeep inside him. SCORE.

Somehow Jake had nooo problems deciding what to buy and wrap for me. Just a few trips to the mall and he was done. Yes, I was (and still am a little) jealous.

This year our big gifts were…

The electric shaver that jet cleans itself (don’t ask me how). Izzy’s all about eating that box.


Daisy by Marc Jacobs (now I can put perfume on before I get to the mall)


Lessons Learned: It’s really fun to give the things they never buy themselves but want really badly.

Epipherys: I now understand why so many married couples find a serious lack of fun in Christmas exchanges–it’s too hard to come up with something astonishing unless you’re just really REALLY on top of things.

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