Christmas Feast

We’ve decided on a new Christmas Tradition. Last year it was the Pajamas and a fancy dinner out on Christmas Eve. This year we added a Christmas Dinner. Ham is usually the way to go according to 90% of the population. We’re going to be in that 10% that says “mmmm we’re having CHINEESE!”


Courtesy of the frozen section at Wal-Mart our feast was as follows:

PF Chang’s Home Menu Broccoli General Cho’s Chicken

Pot stickers & egg rolls


and POCKY for dessert–I’m thinking Pocky is going to get me through some serious chocolate cravings while I continue working to drop the pounds.

Not a normal Christmas dinner for either of us. It was interesting and fun though. Next year we may just go Japanese and have SUSHI!

Oh! lest we forget, Izzy had her own little feast too. Turkey, blueberry and beans. Her dinner was gone before we packed up the leftovers.


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