Pedis for the ladies

I was pampered a few weeks ago by my amazing spouse. As a reward for meeting a personal goal Jake rolled out the Pedicure supplies and treated me to the bliss of a full Spa Pedi.

Heaven. My feet and little toes look so spectacular I almost wore flip flops…it was 30 degrees outside.

I’ve been doing these treatments at home for at least 10 years. It wasn’t until he began that I realized everyone has their own method or ‘plan’ as Jake put it. Here’s the method I’ve been following for more than decade (taken from this book).

Spa Pedi At Home


Clippers           A heavier grade nail file             Cuticle pusher backer               Teeny tiny scissors

Pumice Stone (I use this and this)      Toe separators (I’ve been coveting these)

Foot Tub              Salts              Lotion               Polishes (base, color, top)

Step One    Remove polish, trim and file nail edge

Step Two    Soak feet in warm water

Step Three    Gently push cuticles back, trim any hangnails and exfoliate feet

Step Four    Massage feet with lotion

Step Five    Wash with soapy water to remove lotion and clean nails

Step Six    Using toe separators paint base, color x2, and top coat-let each coat dry completely.

Step Seven    More lotion

Step Eight    Refuse to do anything for 45 mins to 8 hours claiming ‘my toes are wet’ and relax.

Izzy got her “Pedicure” at PetSmart tonight. She’s too cute.

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