There is something magical about a slow morning. One where it’s not a rush to get out the door and a warm tasty breakfast is savored. We just love diners where the coffee is cheap, tasty and has free refills. We live for weekend brunch.image

Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe, in downtown Springfield, just made its way into our top 5. I’d even go as far to say it’s my number 2 favorite breakfast place. (number one is Sams #2 outside Denver)


There was a 40 minute wait at noon on a Sunday. After we were given a table we found out why. It’s cozy, down to earth (See clock sign below), has exceptional service and DELICIOUS aaaaand fits a modest budget.


That ‘sign’ says “THIS CLOCK IS WRONG (it needs a new AA battery)”. It cracked us up.

Gailey’s has a counter-top just like diners featured in the movies with busy cooks behind them making fresh waffles, pancakes, sweetbrowns, eggs made to order…mmmmmm.



I had the French Quarter. Two pieces of Texas french toast (my favorite), a two egg scramble with cheese and ham and sweet browns–hashbrowns made with sweet potatoes sprinkled with brown sugar. PHENOMENAL


Jake had the Executive. Bacon, sweet browns, rye toast and a two egg scramble with spinach and feta cheese. He had plate envy and gladly finished off half my plate, his eggs weren’t awesome but he’s not a feta fan.image

PS I got a haircut…basically just a trim. thinned out this thick head of craziness so it’s not so heavy had some face framing layers razord in. OH and BANGS!


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