Christmas Season has begun!

What a wonderful weekend we had. Here’s a breakdown:

Friday Night

We both dressed up for an evening out of the house.

Stops Made: 4    (Michael’s, Texas Roadhouse, Battlefield Mall & Hebrews Coffee)

Glasses of Tea consumed: 7

Minutes spent in the mall after closing: 15

Latte of choice: Vanilla (HIGHLY recommended!)

Hours Spent Playing Gears of War: 1.5

Saturday Night

Jake’s office party was country themed. To be honest walking into a Christmas party in these duds was a bit unnerving until we saw glittering boots, cowboy hats (some complete with bling), a belt with a chew holster, and sarsaparilla on the table. It was fun meeting people from different branches and watching everyone have a great time. I’ve never encountered a company that size so friendly.

PS: The couple who choreographed the Achey-Breaky Heart were in attendance and danced it with an entire branch team.

(on the handsome man: Shirt from TJMaxx; on Her: earrings, JCPenny’s; Shirt, American Eagle)

Sunday Afternoon

Panera for lunch (Hellllo soup weather). Another mall crawl well before closing time.

Arthur Christmas in 3-D


A quote that cracked us both up:

“They used to say it was impossible to teach women to read.” – Grandsanta

We say if when you go see it watch for little things in the background, the creators were very witty.

Overall the weekend was AMAZINGLY FUN and very Christmasy!

How did you chose to spend your days off, were they Christmasy?

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