Izzy graduated from Puppy training last night.

Back in October we enrolled in the Side Kick Dog Training course ‘Positively Puppies!’ class. It has been a real learning experience.

We’ve learned more about her personality. Things like: she greets everyone with eager affection and she looooves being the center of an entire room’s attention. There’s nothing more awesome than new puppy playmates. Izzy tries being a helper and she likes figuring out ‘complex’ puzzles. Hot dogs are like candy, she’ll do anything for one.

She has several skills under her belt because of Misti’s class:

Sit, Lay down, Stand (on all fours)                

ROLL OVER! (I’ve never had a dog who rolls over on command, it’s AWESOME)

Ring a desk bell to go potty

Go to the mat (helps with go to bed)

Come and RUN! when Called and attentive Walking

Stay and Stay while we walk away

Stop it (others usually say “Leave it!” we can leave a treat on her paw and she’ll ignore it-should work with said chewing furniture problem)

We’re considering enrolling in theAbsolutely Adolescent! class.

Vote to help us decide!

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2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Mom says:

    What such sweet notes about our Grand-dog! I think you should keep going, then you will always be teaching her something new.

  2. Julie says:

    I say, if you had fun you should keep on having fun! Yay Izzy!

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