“Holy Moly Guacamole!”

This weekend we  had two of my cousin’s amazing kiddos over. 31 hours starting at 10:30a on Saturday we were ultimately responsible for two little lives. We had FUN!

Immediately we hit up Starbucks for two tiny not-so-hot chocolates, one ginormous peppermint mocha and two whoopee pies.  Tasty.  Only drawback was a lack of napkins. Which spurred our mantra this weekend “It’s washable!”
Our first Springfield destination: Chuck E. Cheese.

The lil guy found Jake’s Halloween goggles and wore them all day. ALL DAY. everywhere. We loved it.

We hit up PetSmart during adoption hours so we could pet a few puppies. We also checked out some fish, lizards, birds and cats.

We also had a pajama party that included camping out in the living room with a few cartoons and a trip to Wal-Mart in our PJ’s.

Up bright and EARLY (Why Helllllloo 7:12 I haven’t missed you one bit). It was a blast teaching them how to play marbles. A bit later the coffee fairy visited (ohhh yessss) and we made pancakes. They specifically asked for:

“a stack of fiiiiiiiive!”   “with sprinkles”     “AND CANDLES!”

I never really wondered why the pancake mix is by the cake decorating section until Saturday night.

When asked how she wanted her eggs she said “scrambled up and on top of the pancakes WITH syrup”.


Before getting ready we did mini pedicures (a special thanks to lil guy for painting my toes!) (and a super special thanks to Jake for immediately pulling the bright red polish puddle out of the carpet!). The day consisted of Toys ‘R’ Us and Fazoli’s to make an unbelievable spaghetti mess. Andy’s Frozen Custard–it’s not a trip to Springfield with out it. Picking Izzy up from the “babysitter” (camp bowwow) and on the road for home.

31 hours. We’re completely worn out. Completely. How my cousin does this PLUS an infant I have NO IDEA but we’re not jealous!

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