Utility Bill Fun

When I moved into my first apartment I was advised to ask the utility department what the average bill was for winter and summer. They gave me a number that seemed astoundingly high.

Being strongly competitive by nature I decided to beat that average and save some serious money.

I swapped bulbs, had a ceiling fan installed, used power strips for every thing, and limited use of the AC in the summer and heater drastically.

Every single month when the utility bill came in I would guess what number would be on the bill-down to the penny-before opening it. Sometimes my guess was off marginally and others drastically. This routine always amused me and made me smile when the bill was in my mailbox.

The first time Jake was around when I received the utility bill I’m pretty sure he thought I was nuts. I explained my little game and he joined in.

Now we play the game every month. There’s no real prize other than it makes getting a bill a little less painful.

After playing for over 4 years, on August 2011 I guessed it correctly -down to the penny. You would’ve thought I had just won the lottery. Screaming “I WON! I WON! I WON!”, clapping, laughing, and waving my hands in the air–good thing we were in the car.

When does your utility bill come in the mail? I dare you to join in the fun!*

*This game is much less fun if you’re on a pro-rated or balanced monthly plan–duh!


2 thoughts on “Utility Bill Fun

  1. ten21ten says:

    Have you tried it Julie?

  2. Julie says:

    You bless me. That is all I have to say 🙂

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