No bag NOvember

A radio ad I heard the other day started these cogs in motion. If every person on the planet did one thing to better the environment humanity would be making a tremendous difference on the planet we’re living on for generations to come.

We are of the mindset that going green is a good thing. If we’re honest it’s really not just about the Planet it benefits us as well. CFL light bulbs cut the energy bill, green cleaners are easier on our allergies, donating our old stuff to Goodwill helps keep clutter at bay-a necessity in 910 square foot.

In our home we use this ‘green’ all purpose cleaner (Lavender is our fav). It comes super concentrated and will clean nearly everything. From the counters to the windows, to the floors to the toilet and tub and even our appliances.

We also try to put our reusable bags to use as much as possible. When we forget and bring home a plastic bag we’re apt to reuse it as a trash can liner or shipping filler. We use this tip to keep them tidy. As much as we try we’re often more miss than hit with this.

Our 1 Thing for the month of November we decided to not bring home a single plastic bag. No shopping bags from Michael’s, Wal*Mart, TJ Maxx, GameStop. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

We encourage you to do one thing this month.  Are you already recycling? Will you try a new cleaning product? What will it be, we’d love to hear!

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