Last night was our first venture in passing Halloween candy out to little trick-or-treaters as a married couple. We had costumes. Jake was a Haz-mat team member turned Zombie, Izzy was a zombie hunter, and I dressed as a baker. Our excitement intensified as the sun nestled into to the horizon on All Hallows Eve.

We waited

… and waited

… … and waited

Until finally 2 ninjas knocked on our door (one of which was either a little too old or just unusually large for his age). They were the first to stop by we let them scoop fistfuls of candy into their bags.

Fast forward 2 hours, several failed Horde Mode Waves of Gears of War and we had 2 Mario’s knocking. There were only 15 minutes left of trick or treating time so we let those adorable Italian plumbers have a few fistfuls too.

FOUR trick-or-treaters. FOUR. Not really the exciting Halloween we’d imagined but we learned grocery shopping on Halloween night at 9:30 is a piece of cake.

How about you? Did you pass out candy, wear a costume, have unusual trick-or-treaters?

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One thought on “Halloween

  1. Julie says:

    My daughter, my grandskunk and I sat out front for the first hour and then came inside…we had many many trick or treaters, all well behaved and having a great night! The night ended at 930 with a 30’s something Renaissance couple out trick or treating! Needless to say, I gave them the rest of the candy that was open. 🙂

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